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Shanghai Fusheng Industrial Co., Ltd. Chemistry for reputable and pre-payment difficulties customers open settlement payment account, settled account customers can be shipped first.

         Customers need to pay within the deadline. Overdue payment will be canceled fixed knot function.

Settlement account opened, please contact our chemical customer service staff.

Settled customer operations

1, after the purchase of goods into the settlement
2, fill in and check the order information, choose to finalize customer
3, submit orders, our confirmation
4, the customer confirmed the order
5, waiting for our delivery
6, the customer tracking the arrival and receipt
7, fixed payment period to complete

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Company Name: Shanghai Fusheng
Tel: 021-31255782, 021-31255783
Fax: 021-57690166
Post code: 201199
Address: Room 36, Building B, Yuxiao Building, Lane 36, Biquan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Bank Account:
Account Name: Shanghai Fusheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
Bank: China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xinsong Road Branch
Account number: 3100 1937 7200 5250 4901
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